Red Sapphire is poised to assist you in all aspects of Strategic Marketing. We get to know you and your business inside and out so our collaboration will be a true reflection of your business and its' personality. We ensure that your marketing goals align with your strategic initiatives. As well, we tie all business and strategic plans back to your culture, so that you have a strong branding message within your market place.

Having a website is a necessity for any business who wants to grow or maintain their customer base. People use the internet to find and research the business they want to work with. Your website is a way to greet your new potential customer. Red Sapphire will work with you to create a website that represents you, captures the right audience and showcases your products or talents.

Marketing plans are critical to any organization; however they are typically the one thing that doesn’t exist. Plans around who your target market is, how you are going to reach them, what you are going to sell to them and looking at the outcome is the only way to determine if your business is successful. Ensuring you are staying true to your brand, Red Sapphire will create marketing plans of any length and depth.

Putting together an event takes time away from your days at the office and for those it involves, the day becomes about ensuring the event goes right and much of the meaning is lost. Red Sapphire can assist you in planning anything from a small corporate, one day event to a week long sales training that is engaging, interactive and rewarding for all employees.

Red Sapphire can represent you through the written word in any aspect your business needs. Press releases, newsletters, web content, advertising and articles are just some of the items that Red Sapphire can create for you. Tie that in with a list of crucial contacts and your business will be represented in areas where you will reach your target audience.

After determining where you want your business represented, Red Sapphire will work with various media to negotiate contracts and/or purchase ad space. As well, Red Sapphire research cost comparison for you in order to save you time and money.

Red Sapphire can assist you in creating and maintaining your social media accounts including Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. As well, we can teach you how to maintain these accounts along with best practices, through a train-the-trainer session.

Red Sapphire can assist your organization in selling its products or services through various means throughout the country. Using us to test sales of a new product and collecting feedback or saving money on a permanent employee,
Red Sapphire can partner with you.